What If...

What if...
What I want is just a chance to keep on loving you
As like as I want more wishes for the three wishes from the Aladdin Genie.

You don't need to love me
I just want to love you. 
Anyone who has too much love would wish like I did.
I wish someday you'll understand.

No Regret

Though this love will not last,
I do love you with no regret. 
Love must surpass owning,
Then can be called true love.

Deep Inside Your Heart

Deep inside your heart is full of love from God. 

What you need to do is to share this love with everyone around you.

​Let God's light shine in you!

A New Era

A new era for love...

Even there are a lot of difficulties in our lives, through them we'll learn love and patience. 

Whenever the law of Love is fulfilled, 

we'll enter into a new era! 

Music from the soul

A Warm Present

Wrap a present with love,

so that it'll be warm in the receiver's heart.